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New Nupic Cerebro Docker Image

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CLA and Hierarchical Temporal Memory are finally starting to grow in popularity and an open source community is starting to grow around the open source Nupic framework. Currently Cerebro is the best tool (and only) for prototyping CLA models it allows you to visually dissect your work.

Because Cerebro is a webapp built on mongodb and python it requires a bit of work get setup. To make it easier for newcomers to get up and running quickly I created a dockerfile containing all the dependencies required to run Cerebro. Once the docker image is built Cerebro can be run with one command. (Eventually users will be able to pull an official built image from dockers index)

The Dockerfile is now located in the Cerebro repository:

To build the docker image:

 sudo docker build -t="nupic.cerebro" .

To run Cerebro on port: 1955:

 sudo docker run -p=1955:1955 nupic.cerebro

Simply navigate to http://localhost:1955 to start using Cerebro. For an introductory video checkout: